Our Vision

Our vision is for Kangaroo Inn Area School to be a safe, caring place where students, staff, parents & carers work and learn together in a setting that recognises the rights of all to experience success and develop to their full potential.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve the Kangaroo Area School community by helping students achieve the best possible personal, social and intellectual growth in a nurturing environment that is inclusive of all learners.

Our Motto: Strive for Life

Discover why our school is a great place to work, learn and play together.

 Context Statement – Kangaroo Inn Area School

Kangaroo Inn Area School is an isolated, rural school located 45 km from Millicent, 35 km from Beachport and 50km from Robe in the states’ south east. Without a town nearby, students travel by bus from rural farms and small towns, located up to 50 km away, to access their education. We have an enrolment of 95 students from Preschool to Year 12.

Kangaroo Inn Area School is very family orientated with 40% of the students having inter-generational attendance at KIAS, leading to a strong sense of loyalty and local support for the school. We have a total of 48 families and many students are siblings or cousins.

The Kangaroo Inn Preschool offer a Learning Together Playgroup each fortnight and a supported Learning Program for 3 year olds.  It is often the first contact some families have with education and health services as families live in isolated pockets up to 75 km from local towns. Our site is the location for the Child Care on Wheels – Mobile Childcare service one day a week.

We don't see parents on a day to day basis so utilise varied means of communication, including digital (Facebook, SchoolStream, Class Dojo and email), phone calls and face to face meetings and a newsletter three times a term.  It is important to us to share the responsibility for and seek input about learning with students and their families / caregivers. 

In 2014 we introduced Chinese lessons for Reception to year 8 students through Open Access. Senior Secondary students also utilise Open Access for specialist subjects (eg Legal Studies), but we also offer many face to face subjects and are part of the Wattle Range Education Network where specialist staff are accessed from 5 member schools to teach SACE subjects to group of students. We have a strong focus on sustainability through Inquiry and solving real-life problems with the students. Our 2017 Boomerang Bag project was a great example of cross curricula planning to support issues in the community. The students explored the dangers of plastics in the environment in Science, made shopping bags from repurposed materials (ties and pillowcases) in Home Economics and built a stand for the new bags in Design and Tech. which then went to a local shop where the bags are used by customers. 

Our Year 10 students participate in VET courses including Food and Hospitality, Health Services and Rural Operations. We are able to identify and support students to access individual pathways in their secondary studies whether academic to further study, apprenticeships and trainee-ships or local employment.  We are proud of our SACE Completion rate of 100% over the last 7 years and the success our Year 12 students have achieved as we see an increase in A and B grades in SACE studies.  

The KIAS motto, Strive for Life, underpins all we do as a site and lead us into the future positively and successfully as we develop 21st century learners.