On February 5th, 1963, Kangaroo Inn first opened its doors to students. At 8.30am the Head Master met two students who had arrived by push bike. Then at 8.50am the silence of the bush was broken with the arrival of six buses carrying 236 uncertain children.’

War Cry - 1965

Kangaroo Inn is our fame,

Never such a finer name,

Here we go romp, romp, romp,

Battle on stomp, stomp, stomp,

Til at last we reach the top,

Here we go rah, rah, rah,

All for Kangaroo Inn Area.

(Kangaroo Inn Area School Official Opening Souvenir Programme, 1965)

Kangaroo Inn Area School was officially opened in 1965 but the planning for a school to meet the needs of the rapidly developing area began in 1958. Building commenced in 1962 after clearing the scrub land opposite the Kangaroo Inn ruins which was chosen due to its central position. It supported the educational needs especially the secondary needs of the following communities; Bray, Reedy Creek, Conmurra, Furner, Greenways and Mount Bruce. Kangaroo Inn was admired as being the ‘most beautiful and unique school in the state.’

Over the years the school has grown in size and facilities with a number of additional buildings being added including transportable classrooms and library facilities, canteen facilities, sporting facilities including the hall, squash courts and tennis courts. More recent improvements have focussed on the library upgrade, additional computer and wireless technology and Home Economics and Technical Studies upgrades.  Bushfire safety has been an ongoing concern since the 1970’s when the Minister of Education visited KIAS recommending installing an adequate fire system. Recent upgrades to this have included installation of bushfire ready tanks and pumps and a sprinkler system on the Hall roof.

The establishment of an agricultural program was first discussed in 1969 and put in place in the late 1970’s largely due to community involvement and a grant from the Schools Commission for $1584 for building materials for the United Fowls and Vegetables group. It has been integral to the school ever since with students currently showing steers and goats at the Adelaide and MountGambier shows with regular success. The Child Parent Centre (CPC) began in 1976 with the introduction of a Playgroup leading to the current preschool program in 1980 and in 2003 the Child Care on Wheels (CCOWS) commenced a much needed childcare program one day a week at Kangaroo Inn. 

Kangaroo Inn currently has an enrolment of 94 students and a staff of  20.

In 2016-2018 funding for school projects was over $700,000.

Projects included

  • Computer upgrades

  • Farm projects including redeveloping paddocks and shearing shed upgrade

  • Student wellbeing including refurbishing and painting classrooms and common areas, new water fountain (with the support of the KIAS Social Committee and SRC) and air-conditioning

  • Rebuilding the southern side of the school building with new windows and walls and asbestos removal

  • A STEM / Careers Development grant valued at $20,000 for projects related to STEM areas

  • Staff training and development in new pedagogies to support quality teaching and learning

In 2018 we have a Preschool class, three primary classes and secondary students studying a range of subjects offered by face to face teachers onsite, Open Access through the computer network and at other local secondary schools through the Wattle Range Education Network (WREN). 

In 2010 - 11 funding for major school projects was over $1,000,000.

 Projects included

  • Refurbishing the Library as part of the Federal Government’s ‘Building the Education Revolution’ programme

  • Computer and technology upgrades which was funded by the Federal Governments, ‘Digital Education Revolution’ programme

  • Resurfacing the tennis courts

  • Bushfire upgrade including construction of new tanks, placing a sprinkler system on the hall roof, a new pump system and removal of the decrepit squash courts.

  • Refurbishment of the Home Economics and Technical Studies areas.


In 2011, we have a Preschool class, four primary classes and secondary students studying a range of subjects offered by face to face teachers onsite, Open Access through the computer network and at other local secondary schools through the Wattle Range Education Network (WREN).       

Some interesting KIAS facts

  • In 1973 slacks were discussed as a part of the school uniform for girls but the Welfare Club voted against them

  • In 1967 the enrolment was 289

  • An Open Space classroom was set up in 1971 with 66 year 5,6,and 7 students amid much discussion

  • 1972 saw the first KIAS victory at Interschool Athletics

  • The School Band consisting of 35 members was very popular in 1982

  • 1983 saw the Ash Wednesday Bushfires sweep through Kangaroo Inn and resulted in changes to the bushfire policy and a very welcome donation from Clontarf Beach StateSchool in Qld of $3032.79

  • Computers also arrived in 1983

  • Year 12 was offered for the first time to 2 students in 1985

  • Neil MacDonald Farm was established in the 1980’s with a donation of 50 acres of land 1.5 km from the school on the Beachport Road.

  • Front Office re-developed occurred in the early 1990’s

  • Science labs refurbished in 1997

  • Music room removed and kitchen garden established

  • Deceased former students remembered in Westley’s Walk, Michael Guyett Bus Shelter, Jarrod Stehbens Gates, Tyson Atkinson, Jed Kirkland and Ben Faulkner MemorialGarden

  • Squash Courts removed and Sprinklers installed on the Hall roof in 2011 to improve fire safety

  • Ongoing play area improvement with new play equipment, garden areas, gazebo and pergolas, resurfacing the courts from 2000 onwards